The ability to offer finance at the point of sale is a hugely valuable tool. Direct Commercial Finance appreciate that our ability to offer this service in a manner that fits in effortlessly with your sales process, is key to a successful business partnership.

Our flexible approach allows us to provide these sales aid products in a way  that is best suited to your business. If you would prefer to maintain sole contact with the customer we can supply information directly to you. We are also equally happy to deal directly with your customer or attend meetings at your request.

DCF supply quote matrices to allow you to provide indicative figures instantly and are always on hand to provide quotes or telephone assistance. In addition we can provide marketing material and web assistance to help aid the process.

Why Provide Vendor Finance?

  • Prompt payment – the vendor receives immediate payment, regardless of your customer’s standard payment terms. Invoices are usually paid by BACS on receipt of documents and your invoice.
  • Approved Credit – we make preliminary checks to ensure that we are matching your customer to the right funder thus maximising the approval rates.
  • Increased sales opportunities – offering finance can afford your customers increased spending power. It can also provide a line of credit to potential customers who cannot or do not wish to borrow from banks.
  • Reduce competition – the provision of a funding facility offers a more complete service to your potential customers, reducing the need for them to look elsewhere.
  • Open up new markets – some markets, particularly the public sector, are keen to fund assets using lease agreements. By providing these options you are in a position to enter or expand your business in these sectors.
  • Sales leads – as your business partner we would alert you to sales opportunities when a customers existing lease is drawing to a close, or when their credit line with us has been extended.
  • Maintenance – If maintenance is being provided payments can be collected with the rentals and forwarded onto you. This makes your maintenance contracts more appealing to the customer, and reduces your administration.