Things to Know About Commercial Mortgages

Things to Know About Commercial Mortgages

Do you want to expand your business or are you looking to purchase new premises or a new property with the view of conducting commercial operations? Has the cost of renting become too high?

When Researching For Any Commercial Mortgage You Should Know About:-

  • What are Commercial Mortgages?
  • Benefits of a Commercial Mortgage.


These mortgages are relevant for buying any property such as an office building, shopping center, industrial warehouse or apartment complex for the purpose of business use. They are typically used to refinance or redevelop land or commercial property. The loan is secured on the commercial property only which is not your residential property.

Commercial mortgage interest rates are higher compared to residential mortgage interest rates. This can range from 0.25% to 0.75% more. This is because commercial loan lenders deem businesses to be at a greater risk.

Commercial mortgages also represent a smaller share of market than residential mortgages. By using a commercial mortgage to secure your premises or property, this can actually in most case also help the future financing of your company.

When You Are Searching For Any Commercial Mortgage You Should Know About:-

  • Purchasing business premises or property
  • Securing land development risks
  • Developing a self owner-occupied business
  • Using to a buy-to-let portfolio

Commercial mortgages are structured to suit both the lender as well as the borrower. The lender wants to see security on their loan and on the other side the borrower wants benefits like such as repayments as compared to renting.

A commercial property or land mortgage is ordinarily a long-term loan (often up to 25 years) that gives the cash to buy business land or premises.

Benefits Of A Commercial Mortgage

There are a number of benefits to selecting a commercial mortgage:

Retain Ownership

In this case you can retain total ownership of your company premises and as such will not need to raise funds by selling shares.

Regular Cash Flow

This allows you to maintain fixed funds or cash flow, whilst you are paying back your loan. This fixed cash flow and funds will help you in buying other essential goods required for your business such as supplies and inventory.

Commercial mortgage loans have become a lower-risk and more profitable alternative to other investments.

What You Need To Know ?

There are a lots of lenders offering commercial mortgages. However selecting the right one for you is most important. Here are some points for you to be aware of:

  • The loan term or period is essential to know
  • You also aware of Stamp Duty and how much this will cost you, Interest Rates, any Fees, Tax, Repayment Dates
  • You have to keep records of your credit or payment history for your company including projections as well as your business plan
  • You also should be aware of what you want from your commercial mortgage and also what your mortgage lender wants from you.

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