At Direct Commercial Finance we are able to offer a full range of products including:

Hire Purchase

Finance Lease

Sale & Lease Back

The different between these three finance options:

A Hire Purchase is whereby the business person or hirer agrees to pay the cost of the machine and equipment in instalments. This is over an agreed period of time.  The instalments cover the amount as well as cover any due interest towards the cost of the purchase of the asset. Whilst the instalments are being made, the business has use of the asset. Upon the final payment, the hirer then becomes the owner of the asset.

A finance lease is a financial contract between the business customer and the equipment supplier. This is for using a particular asset, being machines or equipment, over a period of time against the periodic payments.

The finance lease generally involves two parties, usually the owner and the user. Under this arrangement, the owner transfers the right to use the machine and equipment to the user. This is in return of the lease rentals agreed upon. A lease agreement can be made flexible enough to meet the financial requirements of both parties.

A sale and leaseback finance agreement means there is an arrangement where the seller of an asset leases back the same asset from the purchaser. The lease arrangement is made immediately after the sale of the asset with the amount of the payments and the time period specified. The seller of the asset becomes the lessee and the purchaser becomes the lessor in this arrangement.


In addition, Direct Commercial Finance can offer a vast range of machines and equipment.

Dependent on the age of the asset we can offer terms of up to 7 years. DCF has helped arrange finance on machines and equipment from a £2,000 Epos system up to a £3m CNC Router.