Direct Commercial Finance has access to commercial mortgages through major banks, building societies and specialist commercial asset lenders.

Finding the right lender?

We take time to understand your needs and future plans to judge which is the right mortgage for your requirements. We can assist with following products:

  • Commercial Owner Occupier – looking to purchase a new property with the view of conducting commercial operations?
  • Remortgages –  want to transfer your mortgage from one lender to another?
  • Commercial Investment – are you a for-profit organisation involved in the buying or selling of goods & services, in order to generate cash flow?
  • Commercial Bridging – looking to offer your business premises or property owned by the business as collateral?
  • Development Finance – need funding for either building projects or renovations?
  • Interest-only mortgages – wanting to lower your monthly mortgage payments by paying the interest only?
  • Long-term repayment mortgages with terms up to 25 years
  • Fixed, variable and hedged mortgage rates