Turboprops/Light Jets

Direct Commercial Finance has over 10 years of experience serving the aviation industry. As with all of our products we take time to understand your business and aviation needs, giving us the flexibility to find the right solution for your unique requirements.


Time flies and so should you. Our team of experienced representatives is committed to helping you soar to even greater heights. They understand the aircraft you fly and the market segment in which you operate. It doesn’t matter if you are an operator or a reseller, we have a financing solution that will meet your needs.


As a turbine powered helicopter operator, you need a financial partner that is as versatile and reliable as your aircraft. Whether you use your helicopter for corporate transportation, emergency medical service, news gathering, utility or tourism, your DCF Helicopter Financing Specialist is an expert in helicopters as well as financing.

Marine Mortgages

Direct Commercial Finance is able to offer marine mortgages to finance leisure and commercial craft with loans from £3,000 to many millions.

The small boat market is often a starting point for sailors looking to buy a boat and we are able to to provide marine finance for vessels with loans of up to £30k using a fixed rate marine mortgage facility over periods of up to 5 years.

For boat loans ranging from £25k – £50k we have options for fixed rate deals over periods of up to 5 years.

For larger boats where the loans exceed £50,000, the marine mortgage facility is usually a variable rate and is usually over a period from 5 to 10 years.

A mortgage on the vessel will be required for all of our loans